• General

    The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School

    Students' Summer Work

    Students' Maintenance Grants

    School Transport


    Request for use of State School Facilities

    Participation in Service Design

    Paid Study Leave (Category A)

    Lifelong Learning Courses

    Free Child Care

    Deployment Request Form

    CTP Application Forms

    Breakfast Club

Human Resources Applications

  • Human Resources

    Request to perform private work and declaration Conflict of interest​

    Licence for Private Security Officers​​

    Vaccination Form (Potentially Pregnant Educators )​​

    Application for Promotion to Learning Support Educator III

    Application for Promotion toLearning Support Educator II​

    Application for Promotion to Kindergarten Educator III

    Application for Promotion to Kindergarten Educator II​

    Sportmalta - Sports Leave

    Sportmalta - Flextraining Scheme

    Vacation Leave Application of Watchmen

    Vacation Leave Application Form

    Application for Unpaid Leave approved by Permanent Secretaries

    Application for Paid and Unpaid Leave not on Grounds of

    Application for Paid Leave approved by Directors

    Unpaid Leave Approved by Directors Application

    Special Leave Application (birth, Marriage, Bereavement)​

    Request for the Utilisation of Donated Hours

    Donation of Vacation Leave / Time-Off-In-Lieu Form​

    Renewal of Flexi-Time​


    Sick Leave Form (Docx)

    Sick Leave Form (PDF)

    Renewal of Reduced Hours

    Application for Reduced Hours

    Parental Leave Application

    Maternity Leave Application

    Employment Licence - New & Extension - EAA

    Employment Licence - 3rd Country National

    Donation of Vacation Leave on a Employee to Employee Basis

    Cultural Leave Application

    Application for Adoption Leave

    Application for Career Break

    Application for a Qualification Allowance​ ​

    Subject Access Request Form (to be used also for viewing of personal files)​

    Application for Reversion to Former Grade​

  • Injury At Work

    Injury at Work – Reporting Template (Appendix C)​​​

    Injury at Work – Resumption of Duty Form (Appendix D)​

    Injury Form

  • Paid Study Leave

    Reference Form

    Procedures and Guidelines​


  • Policy Documents

    Substance Abuse Policy Receipt

    Substance Abuse Policy Form

    Child Protection Policy Referral Form​

  • Research In Schools

    Research in Schools

  • School Forms

    Child Pre Registration

    Application for Exemptions from Tuition Fees at State Educational Institutions


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