The Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation (MEYR) has opened a One Stop Shop for education related services in Floriana – Edu Edu will bring together over fifty education related services which used to be offered by MEYR’s various Departments and Entities. Within the one stop shop, one may also find Edu office which offers all the other services that are offered through the regional hubs.



Great Siege Road

Floriana VLT 2000​ 

Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday: 8.00 – 13.00

Wednesday: 16.30- 19.00

Contact Us


         Telephone: 153

Services offered at Edu

Lifelong Learning


Mikiel Anton Vassalli College

Visual and Performing Arts Courses


Education Services

Admission into Maltese State Schools (EU students)

Summer Catch Up Sessions

Colleges/Schools Specific Issues

Inclusion related issues


National School Support Services


Anti-Bullying Service

Anti-Substance Abuse Service

Child Safety Service

Early Intervention Service

Request for Temporary Travel Exemption from School

Request for School Exemption (16+)

Request for School Exemption (16-)

School Psychological Services



Foundation for Educational Services

Klabb 3-16

Skola Sajf


Get Qualified Scheme

Get Qualified Scheme

Tax Credit on Higher Education Scheme


Junior College

Junior College Entrance



Accreditation of Educational Qualifications (MQRIC)



MCAST courses

MCAST apprenticeships


National Literacy Agency

Aqra Fis-Sajf Campaign – information only

Read With Me – information only

The Magic of Stories – information only


Council for the Teaching Profession

Teacher’s Warrants

Teacher’s Temporary Warrants

Renewal of Warrants


ELT Council


Examinations Department

ECDL exams

Electrical Licence Examinations

Local Public Examinations

AQA examinations

Edexcel examinations (Ordinary and Advanced)

Examinations related to University of London International Programme

MATSEC Examinations (SEC, Intermediate and Advanced)

MATSEC Late Applications (SEC, Intermediate and Advanced)

Provisional Certificate for Foreign Examinations


Migrant Learners Unit

Registration on non-EU students in Maltese State Schools

Exemptions from Tuittion Fees for non-EU students


Regulation & Compliance Unit within DQSE

All Registrations for Licences of Educational Establishments

All Renewals of Licences of Educational Establishments



All Scholarship Schemes


Student Maintenance Grants

Free Internet Voucher Scheme

Students Maintenance Grants

Summer Work Opportunities

Supplementary Allowances


Logistics and Transport

Free Breakfast Club

School Uniforms


School Transport

School Transport for State Schools

School Transport for non-State Schools


Human Resources


Requests for paid/unpaid special leaves









School Attendance Report

Collection of IT Equipment (staff)

Collection of IT Equipment (students)

Recruitment of non-clerical grades

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