Registration of Summer Schools as an Educational Establishment under the Education Act in accordance with S.L.605.08 as amended by ACT XXIX of 2019

Instructions for Registration:

Summer 2024

Summer schools will be allowed to operate subject to and following any orders and/or Legal Notices issued from time to time by the Health Authorities.

Disclaimer: Please note that the DQSE cannot be held liable to expenses incurred by the Service Provider in all aspects of the organisation of the Summer School, including adherence to requisites and legislation regulating Summer Schools, in circumstances when the said Summer School fails to operate for any reason.

Fill in Form A: Notificati​on Form​​ and submit online together with all the required supporting documentation by not later than 31st May 2024.
The Notification Form (Form A) will not be accepted by the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education if any of the documents listed in Form A itself are not submitted together with the Notification Form. The deadline for submission is 31st May 2024. Forms submitted after this deadline will not be entertained by the ​Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education.


Upon approval of Form A, you will be requested to fill in ​Form B online online together with all the required supporting documentation ​by not less that one (1) week before the first day of the Summer School/Club through a link sent by email.
The issue of the Registration Certificate at this stage is subject to the submission of the documents listed in Form B itself by the stipulated deadline as indicated above. This deadline must be respected at all times since late submission​s of the remaining documentation listed under Form B will eventually result in the initially submitted Notification Form (Form A) not being accepted by the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education.
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