The Government, through the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, currently provides free transportation to students in compulsory schooling and kindergarten, attending State, Church and Independent Schools. School transport for state schools currently services over 980 routes daily, providing transport to approximately 14,700 students. The Free School Transport Scheme is governed by a set of terms and conditions which can be accessed through this link.

All school transport vehicles which will be used for the scheme are compliant and approved to carry school children by the national competent authority, Transport Malta.

List of School Transport Providers for State Schools:

  • AIL Peppin
  • COOP Services Ltd.
  • COOP & Transport for Disabled Persons
  • Gozo Coaches Cooperative
  • MEET Garage
  • Speedway
  • Unscheduled Coach Service (UCS) Ltd.
  • Unscheduled Transport Services

Documents that can assist you

  • To view our Data Protection and Data Processing Policy please click here
  • For instructions on how to renew an application, please click here
  • For instructions on how to submit a NEW APPLICATION, please click here
  • To view our Terms and Conditions please click here

Eligibility for State School Transport 

  • Kindergarten and Primary Schools – Students residing more than one (1) kilometre away from the school of their locality of residence are eligible to apply for the school transport service.
  • Middle and Secondary Schools – Students residing more than one (1) kilometre away from the middle school or secondary school of their respective College are eligible to apply for the school transport service.
  • Schools Offering Specialised Programmes –
    • Students attending the National Sports School (Pembroke),
    • Malta Visual & Performing Arts School (Hamrun),
    • Alternative Learning Programme (Paola),
    • Learning Support Centres in (Gzira/Cospicua/Fortini/Naxxar/Hamrun /Zebbug),
    • Resource Centres (Wardija/Hamrun/Qrendi/ Pembroke/ Sannat)
    • Migrant Hubs are eligible to apply for the school transport service irrespective of their locality of residence.
  • Exceptions are treated on a case by case basis. Kindly contact the School Transport Unit for more information.
  • Students are Maltese residents. (Students in hold of a diplomatic ID need to contact school transport for further information)
  • Student resides within the geographical catchment area of the school
  • Student attends a school that is listed as a licensed school of Malta/ Gozo, as issued by MEYR
  • The free state school transport adopts a ‘one address per child’ policy – hence the pickup/ dropoff to a different address is not allowed.
  • Out of Locality – Eligibility for free school transport for out-of-locality students depends on whether the student is enrolled in a Sports Career Development Programme (SCDP) or a Vocational and / or Applied Education Training subject option which is not offered at the Middle or Secondary school at the college covering their primary residence locality. For reasons not listed above,  out of locality transport is to be requested through the school. The school will provide a report indicating why the said student should be treated as an exception,  together with required documents that support the request. The application will be reviewed and vetted by the Head of School Transport on a case by case basis. The decision of the School Transport Unit is final.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to be with their child during pick-up and drop-off at their designated points.

Logistics and Application Process

Online Applications for Scholastic Year 2024-2025
Applications for the Free School Transport Scheme for students attending State Schools in scholastic year 2023/2024 will be open from 13th May 2024 up to and including 15th July 2024. Applications submitted after this period will only be accepted if submitted in person at the One Stop Shop Edu in Great Siege Road, Floriana or the Gozo College in Europe Street, Victoria-Gozo, and will be processed as ‘late applications’. Late applicants may not necessarily be provided with transport from the beginning of the scholastic year.

Application Process

Renewals – Parents/Legal Guardians who applied for Free School Transport for the scholastic year (2023/2024) will be receiving a personalised email to re-apply for the coming scholastic year 2024/2025. If a student has made use of free school transport in the previous scholastic year, this does not make him/her automatically eligible for renewal for the next scholastic year. Kindly refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

First Time Applicants – Parents/legal guardians requiring the free school transport service for the first time (scholastic year 2024/2025) can access the online application through this link. In-order to fill in the online application, parents will need to use their e-ID username and password.

Only parents and/or legal guardians are allowed to apply for their respective child.

Registering for an e-ID or Changing the e-ID password?
Every person who holds a Maltese Identity card or a Residence Card (for EU and non-EU citizens) is entitled to an e-ID account. If you have never used your e-ID before, please visit HERE.  If you have forgotten your password visit HERE.

If you do not have a Maltese Identity Card or a Residence Card (for EU and non-EU citizens), you will not be able to access the online application. In this case, the parent/legal guardian will need to submit a manual application by visiting the one-stop-shop Edu in Great Siege Road, Floriana or the Gozo College in Europe Street, Victoria-Gozo. Please bring along with you an official identification document (passport or ID card) and the students’ original birth certificate or passport or ID card.

Parents/legal guardians of students who will be making use of school transport will be informed through a personalised email sent by MEYR of the earliest time students are expected to be at the pick-up point and how late they can be picked up from school after official closing time of the said school.  The email will be sent prior to the start of the scholastic year.

For any other queries or assistance, kindly contact us on:

  • Telephone 2598 1888
    • Monday to Friday 8.00am – 1.00pm during summer period (16th June – 30th September)
    • Monday to Friday 8.00am – 4.00pm during the winter period (1st October – 15th June)
  • Edu, Great Siege Road, Floriana
    • Daily from Monday to Saturday between 8.00am and 1:00pm
    • On Wednesdays between 8.00am and 1:00pm and 4.30pm – 7.00pm
  • Gozo College, Office of the College Principal Europe Street, Victoria, Gozo
    • Daily from Monday to Friday between 08:00am and 12:00pm


Logistics and Application Process

Students in Kindergarten or Primary School

  • shall not be picked up earlier than forty-five (45) minutes before the official school commencement time.
  • are to arrive not later than five (5) minutes before the commencement of the school day, and not earlier than thirty (30) minutes before schools starts.
  • shall not be picked up later than fifteen (15) minutes after school finishes.

Students in Middle, Secondary or other specialised schools

  • shall not be picked up earlier than one (1) hour and thirty (30) minutes before school commences. This time limitation is not enforced on out of locality transport or for routes that exceed 15km.
  • shall not be picked up later than thirty (30) minutes from the time their school ends.
  • are to arrive not later than five (5) minutes and not earlier than one (1) hour before school starts.

Students in Resources Centres

  • At dismissal time, students shall not be picked up later than fifteen (15) minutes from the time their school ends.


The Government is financing and improving the transport service given to students attending state schools. Parents/guardians will be kept accountable for the proper use of this free transport system and hence the following penalties apply:

  • should the student use school transport for at least 75% of the school days per term, NO PENALTIES APPLY
  • should the student use school transport for less than 75% of the school days per term, the student will not be entitled to free school transport service in the following scholastic year and the school transport unit reserves the right to discontinue the transport service for the current scholastic year.
  • The provision includes an allowance for absence for medical and/or other reasons.
  • In the case of wilful damages caused by a student on any vehicle servicing a school transport route, the parents or legal guardians of that student are responsible to settle the monetary amount of the damages incurred.