Non-State Free School Transport

As from September 2018, the Government introduced free school transport for students attending Church and Independent Schools. Thousands of students attending these schools are eligible to benefit from this scheme. Following the success of this scheme, over 250 Service Providers have now signed an agreement with the Ministry for Education, Sports, Youth, Research, and Innovation [MEYR] to offer free school transport service for students attending non-state schools.

Eligibility for FREE School Transport Scheme.

  • Students are Maltese resident. (Students in hold of a diplomatic ID Card are to contact school transport unit for further information);
  •  Students are currently in compulsory school year, that is from Kinder 1 up to Year 11;
  •  Students reside outside a 1km radius from their primary home address to school.

Application Process.
Parents/ legal guardians are required to apply online for free school transport every year, through a voucher issued by MEYR, with the process starting 13.05.2024 – 31.08.2024. Vouchers of previous years are not automatically renewed.

The School Transport Unit notifies schools and parents about the application process via email. Online applications are received during the designated time window. Online applications can be accessed from our website using the electronic ID credentials. Manual applications and late applications are only received through the service of One-Stop-Shop situated at:

Edu Servizz. Gov, Great Siege Road, Floriana Malta Monday to Saturday 08:00am – 01:00pm
Wednesday 04:30pm – 07:00pm
Gozo College, Office of the College Principal Europe Street, Victoria, Gozo. Monday to Friday 08:00am – 12:00pm

For manual and/or late applications parents are requested to bring along the following documents:

  • Valid Identity Card/ Passport/ residence permit of the applying parent/ legal guardian;
  • birth certificate/ valid passport/ residence permit / identity card of student;

Copies of the abovementioned documents shall not be accepted.

Applications are to be submitted by parents/ legal guardians ONLY and they are responsible to give the voucher to their respective service provider.

Applications are to be submitted in Maltese or English only. It is upon the parents/ legal guardians’ responsibility to see that the terms and conditions are understood.

How do you register for an E-ID or change Password?

Every person who holds a Maltese Identity Card or Residency Card (for EU and non-EU citizens) is entitled to an e-ID account. If you have never used it, please visit here. If you have forgotten your password, please visit here.

Note: If the minor is not registered or linked under the parent/ legal guardian’s e-ID a manual application would need to be filled by visiting our offices.

Official Non-State Service Providers?
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Can I book transport for the morning or afternoon trip only?
Yes, transport can be booked either for the AM trip only, or the PM trip only or for both trips as needed.

How are pick-up/ drop-off points and times determined?
Points are to be agreed between the parent/ legal guardian and the service provider. This should be reflected in the address listed in the voucher issued to the parent. Parents/ legal guardians are only eligible to choose one fixed address in the morning and one fixed address in the afternoon.

Scheduling and timetabling are not permitted, that is parents/legal guardians shall not be allowed to provide multiple addresses. Furthermore they shall not be allowed to give different dates for the two addresses provided.

Conditions of Service Provision. For further information with regards to eligibility criteria, as well as terms of use, kindly view our terms and conditions through this link.

  • Students are to behave in a socially acceptable manner throughout the duration of the trip.
  • Students are to ensure that their behaviour does not distract the driver from driving them safely.
  • Students shall not engage in any activity that causes damage to the school transport vehicle. If any wilful damage results from undesirable behaviour, parents/ legal guardians are liable to pay the respective damages to the service provider
  • Students are responsible of their belongings on the school transport vehicle – the service provider and/or Ministry cannot be held responsible for any belongings going missing during trips.
  • Schools may take disciplinary action against the students if any student misbehaves on the school transport vehicle. This may range from temporary suspension to the indefinite suspension of student from the school transport.
  • Parents are to financially shoulder any wilful damage that their respective student may incur on the service provider.
  • The School Transport Unit reserves the right to suspend in a temporary or permanent manner the use of free school transport if the above conditions are breached.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents and/or legal guardians to ensure that they are physically present with their respective child during pick-up and drop-off at the designated point.

Customer Service:
For any further information you may contact us on 25981888 or via email on: