The Permanent Warrant for Teachers

A PDF COPY of the following documents is necessary when applying for the Teacher’s Permanent Warrant.
  1. Certified true copies signed by Head of School of the first cycle degree and teaching qualification. To include Europass Diploma Supplement/detailed transcript of qualifications. (Article 24).
  2. Copies of all qualifications declared in this section. All copies are to be endorsed as true copies of original by either the Head of School or by a warranted Professional. Europass Diploma Supplements/detailed transcripts of qualifications are to be included. (Article 41).
  3. A comparability statement issued by MFHEA is to be uploaded if the qualification is not from a Maltese institution. (Level 5 or above).
N.B. Listed qualifications not supported by certified copies will not be considered.

Teaching Experience (Applicable to Non-State Schools Only)

  1. Copies of both first and second year Induction Portfolio / School Reports are to be uploaded.
  2. Evidence of employment is to be uploaded if within the two years teaching experience there was a change in schools.
  3. Unpaid leave is to be evidenced with a statement from the Head of School.


  1. Upload the Declaration Form duly signed by the Head of School with the application. Click Here

Fedina Penali (Complete Record of Criminal Conviction)

  1. Scanned copy of the receipt given by the police when applying for the Fedina Penali (complete Record of Criminal Conviction).
  2. Applicants who have not been residing in Malta for the past ten (10) years are requested to provide the Council with a Police Records Search from the country where they have been living.