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Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations



  Mission and Purpose
The Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations was set up by the Voluntary Organisations Act 2007 with the task to strengthen the voluntary sector through various initiatives with the specific aim of promoting the work of VOs as well as encouraging their role as partners with the government in various initiatives. Cap. 23 of 2007 Voluntary Organisations Act came into force in November 2007 Prof. Kenneth Wain was the first Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations over the period 2007-2018. Dr. Anthony J. Abela Medici is the secon​d Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. He was appointed as Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations in 2018. 
The ultimate mission of the Commissioner's office is to give more visibility to the voluntary sector as well as to guarantee transparency and accountability of the organisations that compose it in the carrying out of their important work. In view of this, the Office of the Commissioner is also the regulatory authority responsible for this sector with the aim of monitoring and supervising the activities of these organisations as well as supporting them.
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Ref. OCVO/EOI/01/2019

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Issued by the Commissioner For Voluntary Organisations


Dated: 27th March 2019                                       

Re: Mandatory Listing and Enrolment

It is being brought to the attention of the general public that Voluntary Organisations, as defined in article 2 of Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta, are requested to enlist (if annual income is less than €5,000  or nothing at all) as stated in articles 12(A)(3) and 12(D)(1) of Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta; or enrol (if annual income is more than €5,000) as stated in article 12(B)(1) of Chapter 492 of the Laws of Malta, with the Office of The Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations.

Any organisation which fails to do what is mentioned above by the 30th June 2019, shall be guilty of an offence and furthermore shall, notwithstanding the provisions of any other law, be disqualified from benefiting under any grant, sponsorship, any other financial aid from the Government or any governmental policy supporting voluntary organisations or from receiving or being the beneficiary of any exemptions, privileges or other entitlements supporting organisations under any law.

Furthermore, any Administrators who fail to enrol an organisation when such enrolment is mandatory or who fail to notify the Commissioner of the existence of the organisation shall, be guilty of an offence and shall be liable, on conviction, to a fine (multa) of not less than one hundred and twenty euro (€120) for every default, and a fine (multa) of eleven euro and sixty-five cents (€11.65) for every day such default continues.


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