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Office of the Commissioner
for Voluntary Organisations
Block C, Beltissebh,
Floriana FRN 1700
Generic Telephone
Generic Email
25687261 or 25687264
Annual Returns & Accounts:
25687270 or 25687252
ICT Help Desk:
2568 7269
Opening Hours
Monday to Friday
(Excluding Public Holidays)
1st October : 15th June
08.15 : 12.15; 12.30 : 14.30
16th June : 30th September
08.15 : 12.15; 12.30 : 13.30

Submission of Annual Returns and Annual Accounts

​In accordance with Schedule 4 of Subsidiary Legislation 492.01 of the Laws of Malta, the annual return for enrolled voluntary organisations shall cover a calendar year from 1st January to 31st December of each year:

Provided that:

    1. ​if a voluntary organisation was enrolled between 1st January and 30th the first year only) but covering a period of less than twelve months since its enrolment;
    2. if a voluntary organisation was enrolled between 1st October and 30th December of any year, then it shall file the annual return up to the December following the year of enrolment (for the second year only) for a period over twelve months but not exceeding fifteen months.

Date of filing of annual return

    1. ​The annual return and all the required documents as attachments of:
      • ​​A. Category 1 enrolled voluntary organisations shall be filed by not later than 15th March of the following year; 
      • Category 2 enrolled voluntary organisations shall be filed by not later than 30th April of the following year; 
      • Category 3 enrolled voluntary organisations shall be filed by not later than 31st August of the following year.

Financial period of annual accounts the annual accounts of all enrolled voluntary organisations are to be drawn up for a financial period commencing on 1st January and ending on 31st December of each year. Those enrolled voluntary organisations which need to change the financial period shall request permission from the Commissioner to affect such change and shall provide an explanation as to why the change is necessary. The Commissioner, in such instances, shall write to the enrolled voluntary organisation concerned to indicate whether or not he approves such change and to inform the enrolled voluntary organisation of the due date of filing of the annual return with all the required documents as attachments.

IFor further information you are kindly requested to send an email to: ​ or call us on 25687263 (in case of an Even VO number) or 25687270 (in case of Odd VO Number).