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​​Summer Special Stipends and Topup Stipends

Topup Stipends

MCAST apprentices and students following apprenticeship courses in other institutions may be eligible for the Topup Stipend Rate.  This amount of stipend is credited to students who are effectively working with their sponsor over and above the normal stipend rate.  Students found eligible for these stipend rates receive a pro rata amount of the National Minimum Wage.


Summer Special Stipends

In the case of students doing an apprenticeship during summer, stipend rates are credited in September, October and November, if found eligible.  For these three months, a higher rate of stipend, known as the Summer Special Stipend, is payable.  Thus, apprentices receive thirteen stipends in all over one academic year.



Apprentices receive Students' Maintenance Grants along with payment from their sponsor.  Payment from sponsors is based on the number of hours effectively worked with the sponsor.  On the other hand, Students' Maintenance Grants are credited as follows:

Period Covered

Students' Maintenance Grants Received

(depending on eligibility)

October to June (covering lecture attendance)

a. Stipend rates of €90.93 every four weeks

b. Initial Grant (credited once after the students confirms the online application

c. Topup Stipend Rates *

July to September

(covering apprenticeship)

d. Summer Special Stipend rates of €241.66 every four weeks

e. Topup Stipend Rates *

*Topup Stipend Rates vary greatly according to the course being followed and according to the number of days the student is attending lectures at his/her respective institution. ​