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Supplementary Allowances


Supplementary Allowances are additional monetary funds awarded to students facing certain circumstances of proven hardship, including financial difficulties.


Supplementary Allowances are divided into two tiers:


a.    Supplementary Stipend Rates – These are credited to students found eligible for Supplementary Allowances every four weeks in additional rates to the normal stipend.

b.   The Supplementary Grant - This award is given once to students who are found eligible for Supplementary Allowances and who are studying at MQF Levels 5 or 6. ​



a.   Online applications for Students’ Maintenance Grants close on 31st December 2021.


b.    Students cannot be considered for eligibility for Supplementary Allowances if they are not stipend-eligible.


c.   All documentation covering a request for Supplementary Allowances is to be uploaded to the online application for Students’ Maintenance Grants. Due to the sensitive nature of certain data, no documents are to be sent via email or passed on to any Stipends’ Office official.


d.   Applications and all uploaded documents undergo a rigorous vetting process, in line for consideration by the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board. This is required for the issuing of an official final decision.


e.   Students are duty bound to inform the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board via email by using the contact us button in the online application form, should there be any change in circumstance affecting their eligibility.


f.    Late Applications for Supplementary Allowances are only considered by the Students' Maintenance Grants’ Board if the circumstance affecting eligibility for this award occurs after the application closing date.


g.  Applications for Supplementary Allowances lacking documentation or with incomplete documentation cannot be processed.

h.    The Students' Maintenance Grants’ Board reserves the right to decline applications left without the requested documents.


i.      There shall be no further processing of applications after the 30th June 2022.


j.       Applications for Supplementary Allowances, along with updated documents, are to be submitted by students each academic year.


The table below provides the list of mandatory documents for specific cases:​



Students who possess a CRPD document 

Students who possess a document issued by the Commission for the Rights of Persons with a Disability (CRPD)are considered automatically eligible for Students’ Maintenance Grants, including Supplementary Allowances.  Students who possess this document are to upload a copy of it on the online application.  In such cases, documents showing financial income are not requested by the Students' Maintenance Grants’ Board.


Students living in Residential Care

 Students who are residing in residential care  are considered automatically eligible for Students’ Maintenance Grants, including Supplementary Allowances.  In the online application, students are to upload official documentary proof of their place of residence.  Documents showing financial income are not requested by the Students' Maintenance Grants’ Board.


How to apply

 Students requesting Supplementary Allowances are to login to the webpage using their e-ID and password to access the application for Students' Maintenance Grants.  Students are to proceed to Page of the application.  

By clicking Yes to the question regarding Supplementary Allowances, students are to click the circumstance for which they are applying for these allowances.  They may also write comments clarifying their situation in the textbox provided.  In Page 4, electronic versions of all documents, including those for Supplementary Allowances, are to be uploaded.  Students are to ensure that all documents show correct information,  since applications with incomplete or incorrect information may be declined or kept pending till the student uploads documents which clarify his/her situation.


Means Test

The Students' Maintenance Grants’ Board determines eligibility for Supplementary Allowances by utilising a means test based on total household income, on the basis of one academic year.

Below are the thresholds which are being implemented in the assessment of applications for Supplementary Allowances.  These thresholds were revised in Budget 2017.



Family Rate


Single Rate


Single Parent rate

Due consideration shall also be given to the number of persons in the same household who are still pursuing their education.


Important Notes:

a.    All Government forms are subject to monitoring and assessment by the Better Regulation Unit within OPM, to ensure the implementation of Better Regulation within the Public Sector.

 b.  The Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board is hereby informing that it can make use, retain, and share information of personal and other data which students have submitted in their online application,


         i.  for the determination of future eligibility in line with lawful processing under the General Data Protection Regulation, Article 6 (b); and, 

           ii.   for statistical purposes.    


c. The Students’ Maintenance Grants' Board reserves the right to conduct checks with other authorities on the documents and the veracity of information supplied by applicants.


d. Students who fail to inform the Board of any change of circumstances determining their eligibility, shall be liable to refund all stipends/grants received.                  ​