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Single Parents

This office is also implementing another measure to further aid single parents who are in receipt of social assistance to further enhance their studies. 


As from January 2017, single parents who are themselves following their studies on full time basis, at a Post-Secondary, Higher Secondary, Vocational and Tertiary level of education, and who are in receipt of Students’ Maintenance Grants, must apply by sending an email to the email address and

1.                Scan both pages of their identity card;

2.                Scan their child/children’s birth certificate and

3.                Supply proof that they are in receipt of Social Assistance.  


Students must also indicate on the online application for Students’ Maintenance Grants that they are single parents in receipt of social assistance next to the relevant question.


The Single Parents’ Grants are credited in a staggered process. This extra annual grant is established by Legal Notice 308 of 2016 and given as one lump stump to eligible students around beginning of first days of Second Semester.


 In order to safeguard the sensitivity of these cases, all emails received are directed to a representative of the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board, who will be contacting back the students’ individually.  The Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board reserves the right to verify the information submitted and request additional information and/or documentation if necessary.
Students must note that there will no further processing of requests after end June of every academic year. Students may not apply for back dated payments.