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Malta Government Undergraduate Scheme (MGUS) 2020/2021

High quality undergraduate education is of central importance to a number of objectives: an ever more highly skilled workforce and the development of new fields of study and specialisation.  It is a key to Malta’s economic and social progress, and is essential to many people's continuing professional development.
The Maltese Government believes that students may find valid learning pathways in degree courses / programmes that are provided, either through foreign higher education institutions or through recognised private higher education institutions in Malta.
The Malta Government Undergraduate Scheme 2020/2021 aims at providing more opportunities to further the choice of undergraduate degrees/qualifications up to MQF Level 6 and including Bachelor Degrees and vocational qualifications, classified at Level 6 or equivalent under the Malta Qualification Framework (MQF).  
Students who require further information about the National Qualification Framework may contact the Malta Qualification Council on +356 2381 0000 or visit their website at​.
Through this scheme, the Government is extending the financial support available to undergraduate students at the University of Malta, MCAST and the American University of Malta (AUM), to other students undertaking equivalent studies, at other institutions, leading to officially recognised local and foreign MQF Level 6 qualification at First Degree Level.
Students pursuing studies in a foreign/private institution at any other level may request the Students’ Maintenance Grants Board by a letter or email and submit the duly filled-in online application within the stipulated time, to consider their case for eligibility.
Key Objectives
The key objectives of this Undergraduate Courses scheme are:
 To encourage more student participation at an undergraduate level in Malta and abroad;    
  To promote academic/vocational excellence in the private tuition sector;
  To increase student choice of degrees/qualifications and institutions.
To be eligible under this scheme, applicants shall be students currently registered as full time students, physically on campus, reading a course of studies at one of the following institutions:
• A licensed private higher education institution or licensed tuition centre in Malta offering courses leading to a recognised MQF Level 6 , or;
  A foreign higher education institution offering recognised MQF Level 6 Qualification.
Note: This scheme excludes students registered on Distance Learning (Full-time/Part-Time), Part-Time Courses and Blended Courses.
Provided that for the purposes of this scheme, ‘recognised MQF Level 6 qualification’ shall mean such  qualifications classified as undergraduate/vocational courses equivalent to MQF level 6 by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) within the National Council for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE).

In the application the student is requested to declare whether he/she was ever awarded a scholarship or was in receipt of the Students’ Maintenance Grants from any educational institution as this will determine his/her eligibility.  Students are to inform the SMG Board immediately if they are accepted for any other funding from any institution/body whilst in receipt of SMG.

Students may apply from
Closing date for applications is 31st December 2020 at noon.