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 Non-EU citizens who do not possess an e-ID Account and other special cases

Non-EU citizens and other students who, for some reason, do not possess an e-ID account and therefore cannot submit an online application are being requested to submit a hard copy application downloadable from here.  This hard copy application is to be used in extreme cases only, and it is not to be used by students who possess an e-ID account.

Block letters are to be used to fill in the form and both sheets of the application are to be signed by the applicant.

The form, together with the necessary documentation, is to be returned to Room 207, Students’ Maintenance Grants Section, Ministry for Education and Employment, Great Siege Road, Floriana. 

All other students are kindly asked to adhere to the Education Institutions’ / College Guidelines and submit an online application.


Compulsory Documents Required from all students:


 a.   A recent version of the Jobsplus Employment History (which can be obtained from any Jobsplus office or downloaded from

 b.  scans of both sides of the Identity card/valid residence permit

 c.  an official letter of exemption from School fees (see Note at the bottom of this  page)


First Year students will also require:


 d. a scan of all pages of the Secondary School-Leaving Certificate; and

 e. documentary proof of 5 years in Malta prior to date of application.



 a. Students coming from countries outside the EU are to apply for an Exemption from School fees by contacting Mr Victor Agius on 25982260 or via email on  One can also visit his office at the Education Department, Level 2, Ministry for Education and Employment, Great Siege Road, Floriana.

 b. The Students’ Maintenance Grants Board reserves the right to request additional documentation, if this is deemed necessary by the Students’ Maintenance Grants Board in its assessment of certain individual cases.

 c.  Non-EU citizens may be requested to submit a scan of the ID card, both front and back, or another proof of nationality.