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The Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Students’ Summer Work Opportunities 2018


Note: Applications are now closed.​


The Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change (MESDC), in collaboration with the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board within the Ministry for Education and Employment, is now offering a Summer Work Opportunity for students who have completed their obligatory secondary schooling and who are pursuing their studies at Post-Secondary and Tertiary level. 


The main criteria in the selection of candidates will be:

(a)    Relevance of the respective areas of study to the MESDC portfolio; and

(b)   Aptitude to work in areas pertaining to MESDC as expressed in the letter of motivation.

Eligible Students shall be assessed by a Selection Board.


Application Requirements

In the online application, students are to send:

a.    a detailed CV,

b.    a covering letter describing their interest in working with MESDC;

c.     a scanned copy of the certificates showing qualifications attained to date, including a School Leaving Certificate, where applicable;

d.    a filled-in Data Protection Form (downloadable from here​);

e.    Applicants who have not yet attained the age of sixteen (16) by the closing date and time of this Expression of Interest are to attach a declaration of consent.  This  is to be filled in by the parent or legal guardian of the student and is to be included with the other documents..  The form can be found here​.


All documents are to be uploaded to the online application at the Recruitment Portal ( within the stipulated deadlines.


Applications for this scheme open on Friday 6th July at 12:00 CET and close on Friday 13th July at 12:00 CET.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.


Students’ are hereby being informed that their details may be passed on to other ministries and/or departments so that they may be offered other opportunities.


Details of engagement in this scheme are as follows:

1.  Engagement of students will be for a period of four (4) weeks, which may be extended for a further period of four (4) weeks 

2.  Remuneration for this work is pegged at an hourly rate of €6.33 in line with scale 16 pay of the Public Service,  (that is €506.40 for 80 hours spread over four weeks);

3.  Vacation leave, bonus and income supplement will be on a pro rata basis, as per table below.

4. Vacation leave which is not availed of till the end of the work phase is non-refundable;

5.  Public holidays entitlement will also be calculated pro-rata;

6.  Payment of National Insurance will be at the rate of 10%.


Vacation Leave       

7 hours

Bonus and Income Supplement 


Sick Leave    


2 days on full pay

2 days on half pay







Students are to ensure that once assigned with an employer, their employment is registered with Jobsplus via the Engagement Form as per Legal Notice 110/1993.  The Jobsplus Termination Form must be submitted at the end of the summer work.


Failure to register a Commencement or a Termination of a job may result in incorrect data being shown on the Jobsplus Employment History.


On submission of application, candidates will be authorising the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change to forward students’ details to other entities within Public Administration for the purpose of this call.


For further information kindly contact:

Mr Dennis Buttigieg (Director Human Resources - MESDC)     Tel: 2292 6200

Ms Anna Grech (MEDE)   Tel: 2598 2325