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Stipends’ Offices


The Ministry for Education and Employment Stipends office is situated at Room 207, MEDE, Great Siege Road, Floriana. This is also the office of the Students’ Maintenance Grants Board and is also in charge of students attending ALL Post-Secondary Institutions.





Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Office Staff


Dr Romina Cuschieri

Tel: 25982327

Ms Elaine Bonnici

Tel: 25982330  

Ms Oriana Pisani

Tel: 25982305

Mr Simon Farrugia

Tel: 25982338

Mr Herbert Penza

Tel: 25982319

Ms Claudine Stevens

Tel: 25982247

Ms Alice Galea Debono

Tel: 25982323

Ms Clarisse Muscat

Tel: 25982272

Ms Doris Sapiano-Urpani

Tel: 25982321

Ms Anna Grech

Tel: 25982325

Ms Antoinette Micallef

Tel: 25982326


Generic e-mail address:



i. MCAST’s Maintenance Grants Office is responsible for the running of the Maintenance Grants scheme across the College. This office operates from Room 306, Block F, Students' House, MCAST, Triq Kordin, Paola.  Anything which is related to the issue of Maintenance Grants to students attending MCAST is to be addressed to this office as follows:


Ms Sandra Chircop

Tel: 23987432

Mr Antonio Flores

Tel: 23987106  

Ms Doris Baldacchino

Tel: 23987108  

Ms Melanie Dyer

Tel: 23987102  




MCAST Apprentices

Tel:  23987152/3  








ii.  The University of Malta Maintenance Grants Stipends Office  is situated at Room 117, Administration Building, University of Malta Campus, Tal-Qroqq, Msida.


Opening hours:


Summer Hours:


8:30 to 12:00


8:30 to 12:00


8:30 to 12:00


Winter Hours:


8:30 to 12:00


14:30 to 16:00


8:30 to 12:00


University of Malta  Stipends Office Staff:

Ms Helga Borg

Mr Jean-Paul Cassar


Telephone: 23402807

Generic e-mail address :    


iii. General Information:


Students’ are advised to send their queries through the online application system for Students’ Maintenance Grants. This is the most efficient and secure way to communicate with our offices.


If communication is done through other e mail addresses, students are kindly requested to provide their Identity Card number and may also be required to upload a scan of the Identity Card document so that Students’ Maintenance Grants Operators ascertain their identity before giving out sensitive information.