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An Overview


NOTE: For the sake of clarity, gender-specific terms referring to the male gender are often included in these information pages.  Whenever a gender-specific term is used, it is to be understood as referring to all genders, unless otherwise stated.


Students' Maintenance Grants are provided by the Government of Malta for students attending in approved Post-Secondary, Vocational and Tertiary educational institutions.  The Students' Maintenance Grants’ Scheme operates under a set of regulations, guidelines and the respective Legal Notice namely L.N. 308 of 2016 determining eligibility.  

The Ministry for Education and Employment is currently revising L.N. 308 of 2016.  Should any revisions to the legislation be made to the eligibility for the Students' Maintenance Grants that effect academic year 2020/2021, students will be informed. 


The Students' Maintenance Grants can be classified in seven distinct tiers:


a.  the Initial Grant


b. the One-Time Grant


c. Stipends

 (click here for more detailed information on Stipends and Grants)


d.  the Supplementary Allowances

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e.  Single Parents’ Benefit​

 (click here for more detailed information about Single Parents’ Benefits)


f.  Summer Special Stipend


g.  Topup Stipends

 (click here for more detailed information about Summer Special and Topup Stipends)


The Awarding of Students’ Maintenance Grants

All Students’ Maintenance Grants are credited directly to the bank account that the students have specified in their online application, after this office receives the educational institutions’ confirmation of the students’ commencement of course and after the students confirm their online application. 


Students who fail to confirm their online application cannot be awarded Students’ Maintenance Grants.  

There shall be no further processing of online applications after end June of the respective academic year.​


Since the funds provided in the form of a Maintenance Grant are directly credited into the students' bank account it is very important that an active and correct IBAN account number is entered in the online application so as to avoid payment complications.


Termination of Students’ Maintenance Grants

Students who resign from their respective course of studies are to inform their respective Stipends’ Office  and/or Institution by an email or letter within a week of their resignation.​

Students who: (a) resign; (b) abandon; (c) fail to continue their studies, will have to refund the one-time grant or part thereof and/or any stipend received after the last day of attendance.


University of Malta students who abandon the course without submitting a resignation will be asked to refund both the stipend and supplementary initial grant / one-time grant.


General, Prescribed and High Priority Courses

All courses deemed eligible for Students’ Maintenance Grants are classified either as General, Prescribed or High Priority.


Students reading for courses considered as Prescribed receive a higher rate of 4-weekly stipend and different rates of Grants.  Students attending a High Priority Course receive a stipend rate higher than those attending a Prescribed Course.


This classification of courses depends on the area of study and is determined by the Hon. Minister responsible for Education after consultation with the Students’ Maintenance Grants’ Board.  Lists of Prescribed Courses are published annually on the SMGB website.  


Online Application

Students are to apply for Students' Maintenance Grants by accessing the online application forms at using their e-ID and password. 


Online applications should be submitted on a yearly basis. 


Students may amend their online application for Students' Maintenance Grants until the end of June of the respective academic year.  There shall be no further processing of online applications after end June of the respective academic year.


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

In accordance to General Data Protection regulations, (GDPR), the Students' Maintenance Grants’ Office at Floriana, Stipends’ Offices at the University of Malta and MCAST cannot provide personal/reserved information to third parties.


Reserved information will only be provided in instances when the students send an email via the online application itself, since this is e-ID secure.


In cases when a third party communciates with any Stipends’ Office, reserved information is only returned to the student concerned.   In all instances where students communicate via another email address, he/she will provide scans of his/her Identity Card to ascertain the identity of the email’s sender.