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​Quality Assurance Department Mission Objectives

  • to ensure that all learners receive  equitable entitlement to  high quality education; 
  • to establish high quality educational standards that reflect national priorities, policies and strategies;
  • to monitor the institution’s practices in achieving high quality standards and  assure accountability ;
  • to provide institutions with clear feedback  regarding the effectiveness of their educational provision and identify priorities for future action that inform the institution’s development planning for improvement;
  • to keep key stakeholders informed about the performance and progress of educational provision in general education institutions;
  • to establish and communicate standards for effective and ongoing internal review processes;
  • to evaluate the institution’s capability to perform an effective and ongoing internal review;
  • to evaluate the impact of the institution’s internal review process on the achievement of high quality standards;
  • to collaborate with other stakeholders as required to sustain the achievement of the above objectives.