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​​External Reviews

External reviews aim to evaluate how far schools are planning to and actually managing to achieve the required quality standards so that the curricular and equitable entitlement of all learners is fulfilled. Much of the research suggests that schools improve more through the indirect effect of external reviews (such as accepting feedback, setting high expectations and enhancing school self-evaluation capacity) rather than through the direct effects of command and control accountability mechanisms. In this premise, the Quality Assurance Department performs external reviews through a developmental approach. It is not the intention of the external review to ‘catch out’ educators but to promote a culture of consistent excellence and rigour in aiming for the highest possible standards and ensuring an equitable access to learning. The external review acknowledges that the starting point for each learner, let alone for each educator and school, is different. But the target is the same: the fulfilment of the curricular  and equitable entitlement to best address learner variability. The routes to reach this target are necessarily diverse. At its best, the external review highlights and celebrates the consistent efforts of the school to plait these diverse routes into a multiple teaching/learning journey by this particular learning community. It also indicates ways how to improve these efforts at classroom and school level for improved learners’ experience and achievements.

We hope that the documentation you will find in this section is an eloquent expression of the transparency with which external reviews are conducted.


(Last Updated: August 2016)