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The Pleasure of Reading

The Pleasure of Reading is a storytelling programme for children of 7 to 9 years. The programme consists of one-hour storytelling sessions which are held once a week. Each session features the sharing of stories from a variety of books, and other fun activities for this age group. Besides enhancing the listener’s reading, the animated storytelling session provides a means for passing on information, identifying with and empathising with others. The storyteller colours the way the listener shapes the story, uses rich oral language and allows participating children to express themselves by creating a play and multisensory experience. Through methodology the children understand the story has a sequence of events which pose a problem, together as a group they try to solve the problem, find solutions through discussion and role play.

For further information on this programme kindly visit the Facebook page Gost il-Qari/The Pleasure of Reading​ or call on 2598 2999.