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About Us

The National Literacy Agency (NLA)​

Our Vision Statement:
To enrich the lives of people and communities by strengthening literacy skills and thus help reduce poverty, promote social inclusion, and foster personal well-being.​

The National Literacy Agency (NL​A) of the Ministry for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation, seeks to promote and enhance lifelong and life wide, high quality literacy practices among children, youth, adults, third country nationals and persons with learning difficulties. It strives also to improve literacy outcomes, resulting in inclusive practices, higher educational qualifications, and better job prospects. The Agency was established in mid-2014 to promote and ensure the delivery of the different aspects of the National Literacy Strategy for All in Malta and Gozo, and serve as a main driver in the field of literacy. (Legal Notice 192/2014)​

The NLA promotes:

  •       Social inclusion
  •       Literate communities
  •       Participatory democracy
  •       Bilingualism
  •       Biliteracy
  •       Parental empowerment
  •       All teachers as literacy teachers and
  •       Balanced Literacy teaching and learning.

Organization Chart

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Freedom of Information

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