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There are between 6000 and 7000 languages in the world and at least half of the world’s population is bilingual or plurilingual, which means that people speak two or more languages.​


Malta has always had a multilingual nature and foreign language learning is a strength in our local system which needs to be sustained.  The wish to foster plurilingual and intercultural competences in the Maltese educational system is a response to European linguistic and cultural diversity and an increasing need for mobility and employability.  Europeans come across foreign languages on a daily basis in the various aspects of their lives.  Bilingualism and plurilingualism entail economic advantages too: jobs are more easily available to those who speak several languages, and multilingual companies have a better competitive edge than monolingual ones.​



The Ministry for Education and Employment recognises the importance of linguistic diversity and supports language learning as a lifelong task, essential for economic competitiveness and inclusive societies.​  

Encore Magazine article on the importance of Foreign Languages


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Celebrating Multilingualism in Maltese schools


On the 13th of March, parents and education officials were invited to attend the concert set up by the Migrant Learners’ Unit to remember International Mother Language Day. The day is celebrated by the United Nations on the 21st of February to help us remember the importance of preserving our linguistic and cultural heritage. 
Over 120 newcomer learners who are currently following the induction course at the Maria Regina Naxxar hub and Saint Clare College San Gwann hub took part in the concert. Learners coming from over 20 different countries (Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Egypt, Hungary, India, Italy, Libya, Macedonia, Lithuania, Moldova, The Philippines, Portugal & Brazil, Romania, Spain, Serbia, Syria, Turkey and Ukraine) spoke about their country of origin, sang national anthems and popular songs and nursery rhymes in their own mother tongue. 
A big thank you goes to the team of professional and dedicated teachers at the Migrant Learners’ Unit, Naxxar and San Gwann hubs, for their hard work in setting up such an entertaining programme. 
Languages transmit cultures, values and traditional knowledge hence the importance of treating diversity and multilingualism in our schools as a valuable resource.



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Aktar minn 100 student fl-MCAST qed jattendu għal korsijiet ta’ tagħlim fil-lingwi tat-Taljan, il-Franċiż u l-Ġermaniż. F’Jannar li għadda l-MCAST introduċa dawn il-korsijiet fil-lingwi barranin, u li għalihom l-istudenti se jkunu rikonoxxuti b’ċertifikat meta jtemmuhom b’suċċess.

Posted by Edukazzjoni on Wednesday, March 14, 2018