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Digital Literacy EMBED Awards 2017

Learning through Technology

1.     What are the EMBED Awards?

The Department of eLearning within the Ministry for Education and Employment aims to play a key role in celebrating digital education where technology is simply a tool that helps in reaching the main aims set for learners. Through these awards, the department seeks those whose exemplary work provides a model for teaching, learning and leading in the digital age.

These awards are held annually, to celebrate good practices within the Maltese context that demonstrate the use of creative and inclusive learning methods that achieve outstanding results, with the potential to be replicated and/or of inspiration to others.

The aim is to recognise the importance of digital education by educators, employers and civil society organisations.

2.     Who can submit a project?

Submissions and nominations will be received from local educators. Individuals and organisations can submit a project.

3.     What are we looking for?

Submissions should reflect the department’s quest focusing on the use of technology to shift to a 21st century learning environment.

4.     What are the categories?

a)Remarkable Young Educator

b)Dedicated Digital Educator

c)Outstanding Leadership


d)Innovative Digital Learning Project


e)Mobile Learning Award: use of Tablets


f)Online Learning Award: use of iLearn VLE


5.     How do I submit a project?

Complete the submission form available online:

If in difficulty, ask the eLearning support in your school for assistance.

6.     What is the deadline for submissions?

Deadline for the submissions of entries for the eLearning EMBED awards is 19th May 2017 at noon  extended to the 31st May 2017.

7.     Who evaluates the EMBED Awards?

The EMBED Awards evaluation board includes a number of local and foreign key experts working in the digital literacy field.

8.     The Evaluation Process​

The judges will find it helpful if you structure your entry submission so that the judging criteria are clearly addressed. Your entry documentation may use the criteria as headings. 

Evidence of pupils working with technology will be an asset and the more students on the activity the better. If there is a reasonable justification for not providing this evidence please state the reasons in your submissions.

 9.     When will the winners be announced?

The award winners will be announced during the EMBED Awards Ceremony which will take place on the 10th November 2017 from 09:00 – 15:00. The location will be announced at a later stage. The evaluation board will award one winner for each category. A token prize will be presented to the winner in each category.

10.     Why should I submit a project for an EMBED Award?

Technology is nowadays an integral part of our lives and everyone agrees that our students need to become active digital citizens. The work of the educators is often invisible, and the EMBED Awards are the perfect opportunity to highlight the value of such good practices to a variety of audiences - politicians, media, other educators and the wider public - and to help spread the voice and visibility of digital education.



11.     Process of nominations and timeframes

  • Entries will be accepted by filling the online registration form:

  • ​An official notification will be sent once your nomination form has been received. If you do not receive notification within one week of submitting your nomination form, please contact us to confirm receipt.

  • All nominations forms and details will be verified by key experts.

  • Submissions will be short-listed by the end of June 2017.
  • ​Short-listed projects and individuals to be present during the EMBED Awards Ceremony on 10th November 2017 from 9.00 – 15.00. Winners will be announced during the ceremony.

12.     Why Participate​

It is a chance to showcase the work teachers and students are producing, thus celebrating the achievement of students in their learning and how technology can enhance the quality of teaching in schools.

For further information please visit our Facebook page: 

13.     Copyright Information​

The Department of eLearning encourages all schools to submit original work when entering EMBED awards and, where 3rd party content and resources are used, it is essential that copyright laws are adhered to.

The department reserves the right to cancel any award if shortlisting panel or judging panel deem that the expected quality has not been reached.

14.     Terms and conditions

An entry should cover a school’s activity, resources or project which has been developed and/or used during the scholastic year 2015/16 or 2016/17.
  • Please send required information or documentation with your application form. We will contact you if any aspect of your completed form requires additional clarification.
  • Award-winners will NOT be notified in advance of the ceremony.
  • Highlighting winners' achievements is a key part of promoting digital education and encouraging people to engage in learning. We may edit the information you send us and use it for publicity purposes in advance of the Awards Ceremony. We may also use information about nominated projects in publicity materials, on our website and social media. Unless you request otherwise, it will therefore become available to the public.

 15.     Contact person

If you have any further questions about the EMBED Awards or if you are unsure about the category into which your project best fits or need assistance filling out the nomination form, then please contact

Keith Aquilina EO (Digital Literacy) 

Department of eLearning





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