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New eBooks

During the next scholastic year (2016/2017) the Ministry for Education and Employment is introducing digital portable devices for all year four students in Malta. Educational digital content must therefore be provided for this particular year group and be aligned to the National Curriculum. Content related directly to the Maltese language, cultural and social aspects, geography and history are currently non-existent. The Digital Content Unit was formed to focus on Maltese content by producing interactive books, which can be downloaded and installed for free on tablets and mobile devices. 

Once content, aims and objectives are identified by subject EOs and teachers we design, illustrate and produce digital material, which will eventually be available through digital stores. It is of paramount importance that digital books are tested in real class environment during the production to make sure that the target audience is reached and learning outcomes are met. It is not uncommon that changes are made during production following children’s reactions and teachers’ advice during testing.

Our projects can be downloaded from the link below or better by using Play Store directly on Android devices (Search for "elearning centre Malta" in your Play Store) . The eBooks are intended for use on tablets especially those issued to students in schools. Teachers have the faculty to make these eBooks available for their students.​ 

 finThis listThe list of readily available interactive ebooks is as follows:

*Żaqqqinu Jagħżel x'Jiekol

*Pinu Jżomm Ruħu Nadif

*Ċetta Tagħmel Ħbieb Ġodda

*Il-Kanarin tar-Ritratt

*Rożarja u Nikola Fi Pjazza San Ġorġ


​*Żaqqqinu Jagħżel x'Jiekol

*Żaqqqinu Jagħżel x'Jieko**We are currently working on more interactive digital content, this page will be updated as soon as new publications are available.​​Next in line is a book on  Ċiko the dog - From time to time check out your Google Play Store..