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Guides for teachers (Maltese)

​With the advent of Tablet computers for Primary year 4 classes in 2016, we embarked on the task of producing digital material, in the form of augmented reality, to enhance the experience of the present Maltese text books in the series "Senduq".

This has been done with the aid of a freely downloadable app called Aurasma. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms, from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

A battery of other software has been used to create the material such as animations and videos.

After downloading the app, students can then point their tablet to a designated image and, depending on the content, the image might either take life with characters moving or talking, or a related video will show up.

Otherwise students are taken to Youtube to view a related video from there.​

User guides in Maltese (for teachers) can be downloaded from the left column in this page.