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Learning Support Zones / Nurture Groups



  • To provide teaching and support tailored to the needs of difficult or at risk students;
  • To minimise disruption caused by challenging students, without excluding them;
  • To keep disaffected students at school, addressing their behavioural problems and helping them to reintegrate into mainstream classes;
  • To work towards reducing fixed term and permanent exclusion, reducing the number of disruptive behaviour;
  • To improve levels of literacy and numeracy.


Services Offered


  • Targeted intervention for groups of students with specific behavioural problems through a series of programmes designed to re-engage them in education and assist their family;
  • Supporting students’ learning by identification of behavioural problems and then helping them develop strategies to manage behaviour better in the classrooms;
  • Providing flexibility and part-time provision for students who are having particular difficulties in certain lessons;
  • Supporting reintegration of students who are poor attenders or who are returning from exclusion;
  • Provide expertise for the training and support of teachers in improving behavioural management.


Policy Documents

Inclusive and Special Education Review – July 2005
For All Children To Succeed – June 2005​​​

Service Manager
Inclusive Education
Triq Fra Gaetano Pace Forno
HMR 1100
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2122 8349 / 2122 8350