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Accreditation Unit


  • Regular compliance confirmation checks of all non-state kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.
  • Approval of new staff for Church schools for reimbursement.
  • Data-gathering of non-state licensed schools.
  • Licensing of new non-state schools.
  • Approval of changes in licensing. 
Apart from regulatory compliance of the non-state sector, which includes provision of licences and registrations, the Section:
  • ​Provides statistics for non-state compulsory education and non-state Summer Schools. Statistics for Tuition Centres are available from the NCFHE. Those for Childcare Centres are available from the Department for Social Welfare Standards, MEEF.
  • Approves reimbursement of LSA services in independent schools.
  • Approves reimbursement of staff costs for Church schools.
The Section has no remit to approve actions in relation to non-state schools that should legitimately be approved by the respective Heads of School, nor are the other DES and DQSE departments obliged to use the Section as the exclusive conduit to communication with non-state schools. For example, curriculum-related matters are communicated directly by Department for Curriculum, and educational research-related matters are communicated directed by the Department for Research and Development. This procedure should be followed by all other departments. The Accreditation Unit is to be copied in by the respective departments of all communication with the non-state sector.