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 Postal Information
   Ministry for Education 
   and Employment,
   Great Siege Road
   Floriana VLT 2000


+356 2598 2677/0


The Ministry of Education and Employment is committed to enhance and widen the existing system of scholarships to assist more students and ease the financial burden incurred especially in cases when they are compelled to follow their studies abroad.

The need has long been felt to aid and assist students following courses in Veterinary Medicine. Courses leading to course in Veterinary Studies leading to (MQF Level 7) are to date not available locally. Since in some countries, you can study veterinary medicine at undergraduate level, an anomaly was created in our system of present scholarship schemes which rendered undergraduate applicants ineligible for funding covering tuition/bench fees. These students were in fact to date eligible only to apply for a one-time grant during their first year and consequently a yearly grant and ten stipends for every academic year.

The launch of this new scholarship scheme will enable students following the course for Veterinary Studies Leading to  (MQF Level 7) to apply and be awarded a more rewarding financial package covering the duration of the whole course until completion and ultimately graduating in Veterinary Medicine at a recognized
Institution and with level 7 certification of the Malta Qualification Framework.​


Veterinary Studies Scholarships Scheme Results are Published!

An Information Meeting is going to be held on Tuesday 24th January at 4 PM
Further below the link one can find the required documents for the agreement, it would be ideal if these documents are printed beforehand to make it easier to follow.
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Online Information meeting 12th July 2022 at 4pm

Powerpoint presentation