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   Ministry for Education 
   Great Siege Road
   Floriana VLT 2000


  153/ 25982676


TESS - Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme



The Tertiary Education Scholarships Scheme (TESS) is intended to support good quality tertiary education at MQF Level 7 and MQF Level 8 and to seek to contribute towards the Maltese labour market with the right skilled individuals. The scheme is aimed to support those pursuing this path to succeed both at the level of education attainment as well as contributing effectively towards the economy.

Tertiary education forms an increasingly important part of any country’s economic and social agenda.  It also supplies a key element of many people’s continuing professional development. 

The Tertiary Education Scholarships Scheme which aims to address the above objectives is financed by the Ministry for Education and Employment in Malta.
TESS 2021 Rankings

Tertiary Education Scholarship Scheme 2021

Tertiary Education Scholarships Scheme 2020- Applications are now closed!

Applications closed on 9th August 2019​

 Regulations TESS 2019 Maltese Version/English Version​


Endeavour B - Third Call 2017 (Closed)
Endeavour B - Second Call 2016 (Closed)
Endeavour B - First Call 2015 (Closed)
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Endeavour B Scholarships Schemes previous Call Regulations.
ENDEAVOUR Regulations 1st Call 2015