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The procedure for opening a new Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centre (0-3 years) involves two separate p​rocesses. The first process consists of an application with the Planning Authority (PA) while the second process consists of the Registration Process with the DQSE.

During the application process, the PA consults with the DQSE among other entities. Applicants may consult with the DQSE prior to submitting plans to the PA to ensure that the proposed plans are acceptable according to the National Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care Services (0-3years) (2021) and the Registration Criteria for Early Childhood Education and Care Services (0-3 years) (2021). Once the PA permit is issued the centre is to complete all the works according to the permit. The PA permit on its own does not grant permission to operate as an ECEC service provider. This would be a first requirement and separate process from the registration process.

When all works are completed, the LRP may proceed to the registration process. The Application Form for Registration of a New Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) centre (0-3 years) can be filled in online and submitted together with the required Supp​orting Docum​entation​​​​​​. Once all documents are evaluated by the DQSE and are found to be according to requirements, a site visit is conducted. The aim of the pre-registration visit is to ensure that the premises of the centre adhere to all the requirements as set out in the PA permit, the National Standards and the reports submitted with the application form. On completion of the visit, officers inform the LRP whether all conditions have been satisfactorily addressed or whether any further action is required. If all conditions have been addressed satisfactorily, a recommendation is made to issue the registration certificate which is then sent to the LRP within one week from the date of visit or when proof that all conditions have been addressed satisfactorily is received.

A review visit is held before the expiry of the temporary registration during which officers conduct a full assessment of the centre leading to confirmation or non-confirmation of provisional registration.

Child Day Care Facilities

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