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Standards for Child Day Care

Following a thorough consultation process, the Standards for Child Day Care Facilities (English / Malti) were published jointly by the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity and the Ministry for Education, Youth and Employment.
The said consultation process included the comprehensive gap analysis exercise carried out by the Department for Social Welfare Standards to study how compliant existing service providers were with the then proposed standards, to explore what obstacles were hindering service providers from becoming compliant with the standards, to understand what actions needed to be taken in order to raise the level of compliance and what impact the introduction of the standards would have on service provision.
The Department indicated measures that would need to be taken to facilitate further compliance and suggested a timeframe for the gradual introduction of the standards. It also studied carefully the response to the consultation document, analysed the data collected through the gap analysis, and formulated a revised draft of the Child Day Care Standards which was presented to, and approved by the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity.

The MEPA document DC 2000 cited in the first footnote of the Appendix to Standard 2 of the National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities (July 2006) has been superseded by the Development Control Design Policy, Guidance and Standards issued by MEPA in 2015 - (DC 15).​