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A prospective child care provider would need to fill in and submit an Application Form (complete with all necessary supporting documentation including a valid PA permit for use of premises as a Child Day Care Facility) to the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE) in order to request to register a potential Child Day Care Facility with the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE). 

The actual registration of a Child Day Care Facility would be subject to assessment/s by the Accreditation Unit to ensure, amongst other things, conformance of the Facility with the National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities issued in July 2006.  
Subject to an initial positive assessment by the DQSE in relation to the first three standards of the National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities (issued in July 2006) and upon the satisfactory review of a manual of policies and procedures developed by the Child Day Care Facility, a Facility would initially be temporarily registered as a Child Day Care Facility with MEDE in the short term.  The Facility would need to be committed to meet all the ten National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities within a period of six months in attain a more onerous and more permanent form of registration, specifically Provisional Registration. 
The Legally Responsible Person may use and enter all necessary details in the template provided to request the Law Courts for clearance in terms of the Protection of Minors (Registration) Act, as required in Part D of the Registration Form. The template would be required by the Law Courts and takes cognizance of the administrative procedure presently applied by the Law Courts in processing applications for consideration in terms of Article 4 (1) and (2) of the Protection of Minors (Registration) Act (Cap 518 of the Laws of Malta).  Doc 1 of the template refers to current employees and Doc 2 refers to employees who are to be engaged soon. An employer needs to fill in the attached template (including details of the employing entity) together with lists of current and future employees (including their name and surname, ID Number and address), bearing in mind that one application may be submitted to cover all the named employees. 
The duly filled-in template is to be signed and entered at the Cash Office of the Civil Court (Voluntary Jurisdiction Section), 34, Strait Street Valletta Law Courts at a standard fee per application (rikors), regardless on the number of current and future employees named in the application.

Disclaimer: The DQSE has been informed by the Free Childcare Scheme that until a significant increase in demand is noted, no further Public-Private Partnership agreements shall be entered into with new childcare centres as Free Childcare Scheme providers.  Should you have any queries in this regard, kindly contact the Free Childcare Scheme by phone on 22201137/8 or via e-mail on

Update 15/03/2021: it has been established that once the current COVID-19 operating restrictions on childcare centres are lifted, the Free Childcare Scheme office will be in a position to receive and review applications for new childcare centres to become Free Childcare Scheme Providers, provided that the established eligibility criteria are met. ​​​​ 
Temporary Registration
Prior to becoming operational, new child day care facilities have the possibility of applying to the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education for Temporary Registration. To issue a Certificate of Temporary Registration, the Accreditation Unit follows the same procedure used in processing applications for the provisional registration of Child Day Care Facilities. However in this case, as the facility would not yet be in operation, the scope of assessment is limited and would, on the whole, be restricted to the suitability of premises and service purpose. However, depending on the level of development of the respective facility or parent organisation, assessments would also address other aspects, such as the availability of written policies and procedures and the suitability of management. Temporary Registration is only valid for a six (6) month period, during which time the management of the facility would be expected to commence regular operations and to request the Accreditation Unit to conduct a full assessment of the facility leading to confirmation/non-confirmation of provisional registration.
As temporary registration is granted to facilities that are yet to commence with their operations, such facilities are not considered to be registered facilities for tax rebate purposes.
Service providers wishing to apply for temporary and eventual provisional registration can do so by clicking here.
Provisional Registration
When granting provisional registration to a facility, the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education confirms that a facility would have the potential to become compliant with the established standards. The process of provisional registration entails that the Accreditation Unit conducts an assessment of the facility and after consultation with the providers themselves draws up an Improvement Action Plan. This plan outlines the improvements that a facility would need to implement in order to become compliant with the established standards, and sets timeframes for implementation.
The criteria for provisional registration are the following:
• The person managing the service demonstrates that he/she is fit and competent to deliver a child day care service;
• The premises are, or can within a short timeframe become, suitable and safe for children;
• There is no significant risk for children, and that any other risks can be eliminated within an established timescale;
• There are no substantiated records or reports where serious complaints have been lodged against the facility;
• There is a commitment to adopt an approach, method, and programme of activities which is conducive to the development of children under the age of three years;
• The person responsible is in a position to improve the facility to the levels established by set requirements and standards;
• There are clear indications that the service provider would be in a position to fulfil the Child Day Care requirements and meet the standards established in the Standards for Child Day Care Facilities, published in July 2006.

N.B. Only parents whose child/ren attend a Provisionally Registered Centre will be eligible for a tax rebate. Further information can be obtained from the Commissioner of Revenue.​

Withdrawal of a Childcare Centre Registration (Maltese Version​)