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Opening a New Child Day Care Facility

1. The Legally Responsible Person (at least18 years of age and of good conduct) would first need to identify a site / premises that he considers to have potential to be developed into s a Child Day Care Facility.  In so doing, reference should also be made to Standard 2 of the National Standards for Child Day Care Facilities (2006).

2. The Legally Responsible Person (LRP) would then need to commission an Architect and Civil Engineer (Perit) to plan, design and submit the necessary documentation and a Planning Application to the Planning Authority with respect to the identified premises.

3. The Planning Authority would then consult various parties regarding the Planning Application, including the Department for Quality and Standards in Education within the Ministry for Education and Employment.

4. The Department for Quality and Standards in Education will communicate its position to the Planning Authority accordingly and may find it necessary to conduct one or more site visits at the premises in question.

5. Once the planning application is approved, the LRP would need to submit the signed original Application Form (complete with all necessary supporting documentation including the valid PA permit for use of premises as a Child Day Care Facility) to the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE) in order to request to register a potential Child Day Care Facility with the Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE). Further details regarding the registration​ of a Child Day Care Facility are available on the website. ​

Disclaimer: The DQSE has been informed by the Free Childcare Scheme that until a significant increase in demand is noted, no further Public-Private Partnership agreements shall be entered into with new childcare centres as Free Childcare Scheme providers.  Should you have any queries in this regard, kindly contact the Free Childcare Scheme by phone on 22201137/8 or via e-mail on​​

Update 15/03/2021: it has been established that once the current COVID-19 operating restrictions on childcare centres are lifted, the Free Childcare Scheme office will be in a position to receive and review applications for new childcare centres to become Free Childcare Scheme Providers, provided that the established eligibility criteria are met. ​​​​​