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The important thing in life is not the triumph, but the fight; the essential thing is not to have won, but to have fought well.’ Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Sport all forms of physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim at expressing or improving physical fitness and mental well-being, forming social relationships or obtaining results in competition at all levels.

This government is putting sport high on the national agenda as we believe that investment in sport is investment in society. Our society needs to look at sport as a means by which our people lead healthier lifestyles.

Our vision of sport is not limited to sporting events. We are looking holistically at sports to establish how it can be an economic pillar that can create sustainable jobs. Sports can lead Malta to improve its competitiveness by tapping efficiently into its venues and human resources.

SportMalta's objectives as stipulated in the Sports Law promote the adoption of a holistic approach. The objectives may be classified into immediate, medium and long term.