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Scholarships offered by the Government of Turkey 2018

The Turkish Government is offering scholarships to Maltese citizens for undergraduate and graduate programmes for the year 2018. These scholarships are offered in various areas including Turkish language, Research, Science and Technology, Health Sciences, Art and Sport.

Candidates can apply only for one scholarship programme in accordance with their educational background and academic goals. 

The scholarship will cover monthly stipend, full tuition fee, free one year Turkish language course, free accommodation, round-trip air ticket, and health insurance.

Most programmes in Turkish universities are instructed in Turkish. However, some departments and universities offer programmes in English, French or Arabic.

Applicants are required to apply online on and This website contains also a detailed list of departments, universities and frequently asked questions. An information note about Turkey Scholarships is enclosed herewith.

Applicants are to apply also at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs as indicated below. Application forms can be downloaded on the Ministry’s website  and should be submitted to the Scholarships Section at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Valletta from 8.30a.m. to 12.00. The following documents should also be submitted:

       (a)   a Curriculum Vitae
(b)   a copy of a secondary school diploma or document indicating that the candidate is secondary school senior student;
(c)   a certified secondary school transcript indicating courses taken and relevant grades obtained;
(d)   MFTP Application Form
(e)   Online application form (provided at the Turkish website)
(f)    A copy of a valid ID card

​Closing date for these scholarships is by not later than noon of Monday 5th March, 2018. Late applications will not be considered.

Successful candidates may be required to enter into a contract to serve the Government or the Private Sector of Malta upon completion.

Applications from Government and Parastatal employees and from the Private Sector will not be considered unless recommended by their Head of Department/Parastatal Organisation/employer respectively.