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Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation have been placed high on the national agenda as they will enable Malta to achieve economic sustainability. The government is aiming at creating an environment in which the spirit of innovation flourishes.

The government has made a commitment with the European Commission that the R&D target will be revised upwards to 2% of GDP. This target is Malta’s committment to the Horizon 2020 goals.

Innovation is the key to securing a sustainable and competitive economy that would provide creative employment opportunities and higher living standards. Research is a vital element by which innovation can be achieved.

We believe that through an innovative society we can be competitive.

Malta Centre for Science and Technology

The University of Malta Research, Innovation and Development Trust

RIDT aims to strengthen investment in high-calibre research and development across every faculty and department within the University, and on a national level, and to foster the commercial exploitation of this research.

It does this by attracting support from both private individuals and corporate bodies.