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Framework for the Education Strategy for Malta 2014-2024


“The Ministry for Education and Employment is proposing a coherent strategy for lifelong learning opportunities from early childhood education and care to adult learning to ensure that all children, young people and adults have the opportunity to obtain the necessary skills and attitudes to be active citizens and to succeed at work and in society.

This should not be hindered by differences in socio-economic, cultural, racial, ethnic, religious, gender and sexual status. While acknowledging that out-of-school factors like poverty and social exclusion affect student achievement, the Ministry seeks to improve students’ learning experiences by encouraging creativity, critical literacy, entrepreneurship and innovation at all levels.”

In line with the Framework for the Education Strategy for Malta 2014-2024, education+ brings together the Ministry for Education and Employment, social partners, businesses, industry and education institutions to form partnerships so that both the education and employment sectors understand each other’s needs, build bridges between industry and education and equip students with the necessary competences mirroring industry demands. education+ honours the four pillars of education recommended by UNESCO, namely learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be.​

education+ wants to develop and cultivate skills, attitudes and values for the real world in the 21st century and empower young people to become active citizens and be employable in a dynamic democratic society and economy.

For further information please contact:

Mr. Richard Curmi, education+, 
Ministry for Education and Employment, 
Great Siege Road, Floriana 

Tel: 25982899 
Mob: 79250570