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ELT Council

Mission Statement
The mission of the Monitoring Board for EFL Schools is to foster the EFL Profession and Industry in all its aspects.
  1. to stimulate, promote and safeguard the EFL profession and spur the proficient use of English nationally to meet the 2015 targets in education and foreign direct investment ;
  2. to address EFL teachers; qualifications and upgrade EFL to a regulated profession ;
  3. to maintain and operate accreditation and quality assurance systems in all aspects of English language stays that provide for periodic rigorous audits to assure compliance and given quality standards;
  4. to foster the maintenance of Malta as an international learning centre of repute in all aspects of ELT stays;
  5. to create a sectoral framework of EFL qualifications based on learning outcomes and referenced to the Malta Qualifications Framework and by agreement to International and European Qualifications Networks;
  6. to establish and maintain statutory links between EFL and the tourism industry and between EFL and other public and private institutions to constitute an improved platform for further sustainable growth and to strengthen the all ready existing rapport;
  7. to ensure professional management, administrative and physical resources for the growing remit of the Monitoring Board by allocating to it suitably qualified and skilled human resources and commensurate premises that continually upgrade the profile of the Board in line with its increasing importance on the national economic level.

Legal Provisions and Quality of Education

The attention of applicants is drawn to the following:
  1. The Education Act (Cap 327)
  2. Legal Notice 60 of 1996 - National Minimum Conditions (Schools Teaching English as Foreign Language) Regulations 1996 particularly Schedules:
    1. part A, Classroom Accommodation;
    2. part B, Academic Staff;
    3. part C, Non-Academic matters.
  3. Legal Notice 133 of 1998
  4. Legal Notice 372 of 2009
  5. The Consumer Protection Act

Services Offered

  • Issuing of EFL Permits
  • Renewal of EFL Permits
  • Issuing of licences to new EFL Schools


Should you need to visit the EFL Office, the opening hours for the public are:
Winter Opening Hours:
Tuesdays: 08.00-11.00hrs
Thursdays: 13.00-16.00hrs
Summer opening Hours:
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays :08.00-11.00hrs
Kindly call before visiting.
Any queries regarding EFL matters are to be directed to:
Ms Catherine Bugeja
Assistant Principal

Dr Sihon Gauci
Monitoring Officer

Ms Sue Falzon
ELT Senior Manager
Ministry for Education and Employment
Telephone Number: 25982741
Email Address
Members of the Board

Mr. Daniel Xerri B.A.(Hons), P.G.C.E., M.A., M.Ed.

Ms. Genevieve Abela BPsych.,PGCE(PSD)

Chev. Ray M. Cassar
M.Ed (Manchester); MA; BA (Hons); Cert.IPD (Lond); Dip. NLP (Lond) KCHS

Mr. Francis Stivala M.O.M., M.Sc., B.Sc., B.A. (Hons.)(Econ.

Dr.Odette Vassallo BA(English) (Melit.), P.G.C.E. (Melit.), M.A. (Nott), PhD (Nott.)

Ms. Doris Pace Grima (Ministry for Tourism)

Board Secretary:
Ms Sue Falzon B.A. (Hons), Youth & Community Studies), M.A. Youth & Community Studies.

Chairperson Profile
Mr. Xerri teaches English at the University of Malta Junior College. He holds postgraduate degrees in English and applied language studies and is actively involved in research in the areas of education and ELT. He is the author of a number of publications and is a regular conference speaker on topics related to the teaching of English.
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