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Frequently Asked Questions
1.       What will happen during the first screening appointment?
The first step consists of a meeting lasting a few minutes during which the child’s parents or guardians will be asked to answer twenty simple questions with a Yes or No reply. The questions are asked by a practitioner from Well Baby Clinic (WBC) or Speech Language Department (SLD), depending on where your appointment is.
2.       How do I know that my child is eligible for participation in this screening programme?
All infants resident in Malta are eligible once they turn one and a half years old (18 months), and as long as they are not older than two and a half years (30 months). When the child is 18 months old you will receive one of the following two mailed invites for the screening:
A.       You may be invited by the Well Baby Clinic (WBC) to attend the screening during your last WBC visit,  or
B.      You may be invited directly by the Lenti team and asked to contact the Speech Language Department (SLD) for an appointment at   a health clinic of your choice. You will then have to may call for an appointment on 79318423 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm (Monday to Friday) or send an email on
3.       What am I to do with the Consent Form and who do I hand it to?
You are to fill in and sign the Consent Form and take it with you for your first screening appointment.
4.       Can I send somebody else on my behalf?
Yes, but you will have to provide your written permission in the space indicated on the Consent Form which is to be handed over to the health practitioner before the interview starts. The person appearing for you will need to present some form of identification such as the ID Card, passport, or driving licence.
5.       Will my child be the subject of a physical medical examination?         
During your first Lenti screening appointment you will only be asked to answer a set of twenty simple questions, with a Yes or No answer about your child.
6.       Will the first appointment be followed by another?
Yes, you will either be contacted by the Lenti team by mail or email within two months from the first interview or you will receive a phone call from Speech Language Department (SLD) with the date of the next appointment.
7.       What is the next step once the interview is done?
The Lenti team will communicate the next step to the parents or guardians within two months from the appointment date by mail, email, or phone. The second step may consist of:
A.       An appointment for rescreening between the ages of twenty-four (24) and thirty (30) months, or
B.      An invite for an earlier appointment (Follow-Up).
8.       Why have I received an invite for rescreening after my first appointment?
Rescreening is  conducted by replying to the same twenty questions answered during your first appointment. This repeat interview is necessary because of the rapid continued development  children experience at this early age.  Thus rescreening is a form of a double check to confirm or otherwise the answers provided in the first interview thus ensuring that your child is developing well so the proper support is offered, if and when needed.
9.       I was informed of a Follow-Up visit from Speech Language Department. Why is this?
This means that the screening team would like to clarify some of the questions of the first interview. This second appointment is held with Speech Language Department (SLD), even if the first meeting was held with Well Baby Clinic (WBC). The Follow-Up visit consists of an interview based on some of the questions answered in the first appointment that might require further clarification.   
Following this interview, parents can discuss any concerns they may have with the health practitioner at the Speech Language Department (SLD).