The Directorate for Educational Services was established in 2006 following the enactment of the amendments to the Education Act Chapter 327.

The Directorate for Educational Services is led by a Director General and supported by three Directors responsible for specific Departments: Department for Lifelong Learning and Early School Leavers, Student Services Department and Education Resources Department. In addition, four Heads of Unit also support the Directorate. These are responsible for the Migrant Learners’ Unit; the School Internal Review and Support Unit; the Education Logistics and Support Unit and The Education for All project team. Eleven College Principals who are responsible for state educational institutions from pre-primary to post-secondary including Education Resource Centres also fall under the responsibility of the Director General, Educational Services.

The mission of the Directorate is to ensure the effective and efficient operation and delivery of services to state colleges and schools. This is carried out within an established framework of decentralisation and autonomy. The Directorate is therefore responsible for the general functions of planning; providing and allocating resources, human and otherwise; services and learning tools both of a pedagogical, psychosocial, managerial and operative nature as well as other additional support tools as required in state colleges and educational institutions.

The Directorate for Educational Services, in constant collaboration with colleges and schools encourages and facilitates networking and co-operation to help children develop their social potential and acquire the appropriate knowledge, key skills, competences and attitudes through a value-oriented formation including equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion.

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