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Ministry for Education and Employment
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​Jobs+ is an initiative where social partners and representatives of the political parties are entrusted with the task of advising and co-ordinating with Government issues relating to the labour market. Such initiatives are discussed within the Active Labour Market Counselling and Action Committee. 

The Committee’s remit is as follows:


  • design a holistic active labour market policy that addresses the long-term needs of the labour market;
  • ensure that there is adequate funding to promote an on-going active labour market policy;
  • co-ordinate with the Ministry for Employment the implementation of active labour market policies;
  • monitor labour market and training programmes;
  • analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of labour market and training programmes;
  • make recommendations to the Ministry for Education and Employment on how labour market and training programmes can be improved.  

Youth Guarantee - ESF 3.231

The Youth Guarantee offers an opportunity to those who are not in employment, education or training to either access the labour market or education. The Youth Guarantee targets young people of less than 25 years and supports them with training, job exposure and personalised assistance.