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Quality Assurance Department


Dr Jacqueline Vanhear
Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education (DQSE)
Ministry for Education and Employment
Great Siege Road
Floriana VLT 2000
Tel: 2598 2492
  • To provide the required guidelines for the better implementation of the school’s development plan.

  • In support of the evaluation and the internal audit of every school, to implement every inspection, evaluation and external audit of educational programmes and services of the operations undertaken, of the physical environment of every school, and of the results obtained by them, with an aim of ensuring that the curriculum is being followed in every school, that good practices are being promoted, that the quality in and the coordination of each part and at every level of the educational system are ensured; that children and students are helped so that they may obtain in the best possible manner the set learning targets and necessary skills.

  • To evaluate and assess the operation and the results of Colleges and Schools and of any person teaching and working therein.

  • To be responsible for the compliance with and implementation of the provisions of laws and regulations dealing with matters relating to education.

  • To receive and process applications for the issuing of a licence for the opening of a school, to advise the Minister on this matter according to the provisions of the Education Act, and to keep a register containing the required details of every school which has a licence issued by the Minister under this Act.

  • To ensure that the national minimum conditions for all schools are being constantly observed and to investigate and take all necessary steps required on any matter about which the Minister may consider the suspension or the withdrawal of a school licence.​