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Launch of the Malta Visual & Performing Arts School

The Minister for Education Evarist Bartolo launches the Malta Visual & Performing Arts School on the 17 May. The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School will offer students another choice in their educational journey.

The new school will give students the opportunity to further their artistic talents without renouncing their proficiency in core academic subjects as presently happens in the National Sports School where student learn the same subjects as other students while also furthering their personal development in sports.

In year 7 & 8 each student will have a choice of 1 main art form but will also have rotating lessons in the other 4 art forms. There will be no mid-year exams in the arts but assessments. The other traditional subjects will follow the normal curricula. From Year 9 to Year 11, the subsidiary module will drop and the students will carry on with their preferred art choice. The school will fall under the administration of St Thomas More College.

The setting up of the school is a Ministerial decision based on the electoral promise by the government to enhance the Arts and has already received widespread positive feedback from the artistic community.

The Malta Visual and Performing Arts School will open its doors for the first time in September 2017 in Hamrun (ex-Adelaide Cini - commonly known as Tas-Samra). It will offer five art forms as the main focus of study: art, dance, drama, media, music. The school will have a yearly intake of 48 students, from across all the national territory, which will be chosen through auditions.

Information Meetings:

Parents of students in these Colleges
Maria Reġina College, Secondary School Żokrija
22nd May 2017

​Maria Reġina College;

St Nicholas College;

St Clare College

St Ġorġ Preca College,
Secondary School Ħamrun
23rd May 2017

​St Ġorġ Preca College;

St Teresa College;

St Ignatius College

St Benedict College,
Secondary School Kirkop
24th May 2017

​St Benedict College;

St Thomas More College;

St Margaret College

Gozo College
25th May 2017
​Gozo College